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Fibre Optic Cabling

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At London Data Cabling, we always ensure we’re at the forefront of technology, and with more and more organisations requiring greater internet speeds and increased bandwidth, our fibre optic cabling installations in London provide just that, and help to place you at the cutting edge of our increasingly digital environment.

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  • Blown Fibre – Becoming ever more popular with growing businesses, blown fibre provides the external casing for fibre optic cabling without the need to actually install the cabling at that time. This provides a fantastic platform to be able to develop your infrastructure organically, and to have the capacity to quickly install fibre optic cabling, as and when your organisation requires it.
  • Fusion Splicing Termination – We provide pre-terminated pig tails, which are then ready to be fusion spliced into the installed cabling when needed.
  • FLUKE DSX 5000 Series Testing – Traditionally it has been necessary to use an OTDR to provide technical data and graphs to show your Db loss across fibre optic cabling. But London Data Cabling use this newer, more simplistic method to determine the exact data loss over a length of fibre cabling, with pin point accuracy.
  • Single mode OS1 & OS2 – This is recognised as the industry standard for single mode fibre optic cabling and is the ideal solution for high bandwidth and long distance applications.
  • Multimode / OM2, OM3 & OM4 – At London Data Cabling, staying at the forefront of our industry’s technology has always been our modus operandi, and with traditional multimode fibre no longer always being sufficient in carrying the bandwidth modern businesses require, we always try an opt to work with the new generation OM3 & OM4 multimode fibre, to secure the functionality of your infrastructure as technology develops and ensuring you have the capacity for ongoing growth.

Top Quality

We’ve done thousands of data cabling installs across London in our time, and understand each and every technical issue that may arise within your network infrastructure. Our project managers & engineers are trained and tested to install only the most professional of networks.

Speed And Efficiency

London Data Cabling produce incredible results in impressive time-frames. We take pride on allocating a networking team to produce professional installs on time, and on budget.

City Certified

We’ve networked some of the largest organisations in town and our engineers are recognised as some of the very best in the business. Some of the most professional companies in the world do their business here in Central London, and we aim to stand side-by-side with them.